These are OpenWRT images  built to run on my dockstar. All
these images are ramdisk images,  i.e. you simply boot the
image file with u-boot and get a usable linux environment.

openwrt-kirkwood-dockstar-ramdisk-uImage-20101208-r3   has
support for network block devices, ubifs and - in theory -
nfs, I never got this one running.

Example Usage with tftp:

Let  be your tftp server, a free
IP and the_image the filename of the image which is placed
in the root dir of your tftp server.

You can load and use the image by issuing:

uboot>setenv ipaddr
uboot>setenv serverip
uboot>tftpboot 0x1000000 the_image
uboot>bootm 0x1000000
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[TXT]openwrt-kirkwood-doc..>09-Dec-2010 01:56 198
[   ]openwrt-config 12-Dec-2010 01:33 59K
[   ]openwrt-kirkwood-doc..>08-Dec-2010 21:32 2.8M
[   ]openwrt-kirkwood-doc..>08-Dec-2010 23:15 3.0M
[   ]openwrt-kirkwood-doc..>09-Dec-2010 01:54 3.0M
[   ]openwrt-kirkwood-doc..>11-Dec-2010 20:34 3.6M
[   ]openwrt-kirkwood-doc..>11-Dec-2010 21:50 3.6M

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