H.-G. Gräbe

Selected List of Publications

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H.-G. Gräbe: Semantic-aware Fingerprints of Symbolic Research Data. (pdf)
Published in: Gert-Martin Greuel, Thorsten Koch, Peter Paule, Andrew Sommese (Eds.). Mathematical Software – ICMS 2016.
LNCS 9725, 411-418. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-42432-3.

H.-G. Gräbe, S. Johanning, A. Nareike: The SymbolicData Project – from Data Store to Computer Algebra Social Network. (pdf)
In: Computeralgebra-Rundbrief 55 (October 2014). (pdf)

H.-G. Gräbe, A. Nareike, S. Johanning: The SymbolicData Project – Towards a Computer Algebra Social Network.
Published in Workshop and Work in Progress Papers at CICM 2014 in CEUR-WS.org, vol. 1186 (2014).

H.-G. Gräbe: Algorithmen für Zahlen und Primzahlen.
EAGLE Verlag, Leipzig 2012.

H.-G. Gräbe, M. Kofler: Mathematica 6 - Einführung, Grundlagen Beispiele
Pearson Studium, München 2007 (5., aktualisierte Auflage)
ISBN: 978-3-8273-7202-4, 496 Seiten.

H.-G. Gräbe: The SymbolicData GEO Records - A Public Repository of Geometry Theorem Proof Schemes. (pdf)
Talk at the conference "Automated Deduction in Geometry" (ADG-2002)
RISC-Linz, Schloss Hagenberg, September 04-06, 2002.

H.-G. Gräbe: The SymbolicData Geometry Collection and the GeoProver Packages. (pdf)
Proceedings "8th Rhine Workshop on Computer Algebra" (RWCA-02), 21.-22.3.2002 in Mannheim, 173-194.
Publ. by Univ. Mannheim.

H.-G. Gräbe: The SymbolicData Benchmark Problems Collection of Polynomial Systems. (pdf)
Proceedings "Workshop on Under- and Overdetermined Systems of Algebraic or Differential Equations", 18.-19.3.2002 in Karlsruhe, 57-76.
Publ. by IAS, Univ. Karlsruhe.

M. Kofler, H.-G. Gräbe: Mathematica – Einführung, Anwendung, Referenz.
Addison-Wesley, München 2002 (4., vollständig überarbeitete Auflage)

H.-G. Gräbe: Die Stellung des symbolischen Rechnens im Wissenschaftsgebäude. (pdf)
Talk at CASK 2000, 9.-10.3.2000 in Konstanz.

O. Bachmann, H.-G. Gräbe: The SymbolicData Project. (pdf)
Reports On Computer Algebra 27 (2000), Center for Computer Algebra, University of Kaiserslautern.

H.-G. Gräbe: Algebraic Numbers in Symbolic Computations. (pdf)
Int. J. Computer Algebra in Math. Education 6 (1999), 65-84.

H.-G. Gräbe, A.T. Vlassov: On a formula of Coll-Gerstenhaber-Giaquinto. (pdf)
J. Geom. Phys. 28 (1998), 129-142.

H.-G. Gräbe: About the Polynomial System Solve Facility of Axiom, Macsyma, Maple, Mathematica, MuPAD, and Reduce. (pdf)
In: "Computer Algebra Systems: A Practical Guide" (ed. M. Wester).
Wiley, Chichester (1999), ch. 8.
The examples

H.-G. Gräbe: Minimal Primary Decomposition and Factorized Groebner Bases. (pdf)
J. AAECC 8 (1997), 265-278.

H.-G. Gräbe: Triangular Systems and Factorized Groebner Bases. (pdf)
Proc. AAECC-11, LNCS 948 (1995), 248-261.

H.-G. Gräbe: On Factorized Groebner Bases. (pdf)
In : Computer Algebra in Science and Engineering (ed. Fleischer, Grabmeier, Hehl, Küchlin).
World Scientific Singapore 1995, 77-89.
The examples.

H.-G. Gräbe: Algorithms in local algebra. (pdf)
J. Symb. Comp. 19 (1995), 545-557.

H.-G. Gräbe, W. Lassner: A parallel Gröbner factorizer. (pdf)
In: Proc. PASCO'94 Linz, World Scientific, Singapore 1994, 48-53.
The examples.

H.-G. Gräbe: On lucky primes. (pdf)
In: J. Symb. Comp. 15 (1993), 199-209.